Our New Learning Towers: More Fun, More Safety

Our New Learning Towers: More Fun, More Safety

Hello everyone,

We are super excited to share some big news with you. We've made our learning towers even better with four new models! They are all about making sure your little ones have a safe and fun time.


1. KNEL2

Our KNEL model just got a big upgrade. The KNEL2 still has adjustable heights, but now there's even more.

We've added extra legs to make it super stable. There's also an extra rail that you can take off and on easily to keep the littlest ones safe. Plus, there's a new blackboard for all their fun drawings and doodles!



2. KLOK2

Remember our KLOK model that can turn into a table? Well, it's gotten even better with the KLOK2. It has all the cool stuff from the KNEL2 - extra legs for more stability, another safety rail, and a fun blackboard.



3. KNEL2ss (Super Safe)

Now, let's talk about our 'Extra Safe' model, the KNEL2ss. This one takes everything from the KNEL2 and makes it even safer.

We've filled in all the holes to make sure there's no risky climbing. And, for the really adventurous kids, we have a safety board that can replace the second rail. This means there are no exits for them to squeeze out of the tower.



4. KLOK2ss (Super Safe)

Finally, there's the KLOK2ss. This one takes all the cool stuff from the KLOK2 and makes it even safer.

Just like the KNEL2ss, we've filled in all the holes, and there's a safety board that can be used instead of the second rail.



Slide Fun for KLOK2 & KLOK2ss

And here's the most exciting part - the KLOK2 and KLOK2ss can have a slide added! This means even more fun for your little ones.

Remember, these learning towers are designed based on Montessori principles, which are all about learning by doing. But even with all the safety features, please make sure to watch your kids while they're using the towers.

We're really proud of our new models and we think you and your little ones will love them.

Stay safe and have fun!

Best Wishes,


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